MacBook Pro Repair

Did your Apple MacBook Pro suffer a liquid spill, physical drop, Osx Not booting, Black Screen, Dead or other accidental damage?

Typical accidental damage repairs include the following issues:

  • Liquid spill
  • Logicboard Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Speakers
  • Sound Issue
  • Stuck On Boot Screen
  • GPU (Graphic Processing Unit)
  • Cracked Display or Front Glass
  • HDD Cable/Display Cable
  • Broken Connectors
  • Failed Hard Drive or SSD Drive (due to drop or liquid damage)



Free Diagnostic


Mac Repairs Mumbai Certified Technicians will perform a full diagnostic on your MacBook Pro as part of our complete service to check for hardware Or Software related problems. Diagnostic is free of charge with any approved repair.


Mac Data Recovery


Mac Repairs Mumbai  technician will diagnose a failed hard drive for corresponding level. Level 1 and Level 2 are considered recoveries from logical failures. We Can Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive. Osx Not Booting,  Showing Apple Logo with a Lining Bar


LogicBoard Repair


Mac Repairs Mumbai Certified Technicians Can Repair Or Replace your MacBook Pro defective LogicBoard at your request. All of our Repair Services come with a 30-90 days warranty. Liquid Spill, Graphic IC, Not Charing, Dead, Sound Issue, Dim Display


LCD Screen Repair/Replace


Our technicians do repair or replacement whichever is required to your cracked, damaged or defective display. For replacement, we offer brand new LED screen Or Front Glass that comes with 3 Months warranty.