Apple Macbook Air Logic Board Repair In Powai Plaza

Quick IT Services offers specialized Apple laptop motherboard repair solutions to deal with all your Defective logic board problems. Our engineers are exceptionally qualified and they have experience in dealing with various models of Apple laptop and notebook models including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iBook and PowerBook.

Sometimes power surges, component failure on the motherboard or liquid spillages can cause damages to the components of the logic board or make the entire board ineffective. With comprehensive Apple laptop motherboard repair services, we can work with any kind of laptop logic board problems down to component level. our expert electronics engineers can check up all parts of the Apple Mac motherboard, including capacitors and chips, and find out if they are damaged or malfunctioning. In addition to repairs and replacement services, we carryout firmware and BIOS upgrade services to improve the efficiency of your laptop.

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The Quick IT Services repair service also includes a comprehensive health check including hard drive and battery health, cooling systems and sensor checks and software updates.Our Apple certified team will inform you of any upgrade options available, whether it be adding more ram or installing an SSD.All of our repairs are 100% guaranteed and are carried out by Apple who repair thousands of Macs each and every year.

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If you’ve been told by another laptop repair company that your motherboard is not repairable or that your laptop requires a new Logicboard to be fitted, then contact us now! We repair Logicboards right down to component level.Common faults which usually mean a Logic board fault:

Have you accidentally spilled liquid, such as water or a fizzy drink onto your Macbook Air? If so, only trust an Quick IT Services. To repair your Mac desktop or portable device.We have been Quick IT Services by Apple to repair your Mac using genuine Apple Parts, which are fitted by Experts.

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