Macbook Pro Repair in Amboli

If you are looking for a logic board repair instead of a replacement then you have come to the right place. We are now able to repair a wide range of problems with the macbook logic board. If you have a macbook pro, macbook, or macbook air we can help.Why pay more money for a replacement logic board or even a new mac when we are able to fix it for you at up to half the price of a new one!

The common problems in Apple Macbook’s

  • Power but no boot: you heard the sound of the OS but you don’t see anything in the LCD. About 80% of the time, MAC/Apple computers have this problem. The causes of this problem could be bad Input/ Output controller chip, or bad video chip.
  • No power at all: The causes of this problem could be bad voltage regulator, open circuit, short circuit, or loose connection.

Work with external monitor but doesn’t work with its own LCD: bad video cable, bad video socket, bad back light or bad inverter .

No boot: When you turn the computer on, you only see the question mark in the central of the LCD. The cause of this problem should be bad hard drive, bad hard drive controller or loose connection.Laptop has blue screen (pictures): bad hard drive, bad hard drive controller, bad input/output controller chip set

    • A1278 Macbook Pro 13inch Repair In Amboli,
    • A1286 Macbook Pro 15 inch Repair in Amboli,
    • A1297 Macbook Pro 17inch Repair in Amboli,


  • Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair In Amboli
  • Macbook Pro Battery Replacement in Amboli,
  • Macbook Pro Screen Replacement in Amboli,
  • Macbook Pro Front Glass Replacement in Amboli
  • Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement in Amboli,
  • Macbook Pro Trackpad Replacement in Amboli,
  • Macbook Pro Retina Keyboard Replacement in Amboli,
  • Macbook Pro Retina Trackpad Replacement in Amboli
  • Macbook Pro Retina Battery Replacement in Amboli,

At Mac Repair we offer an out of warranty diagnostic service on all Apple desktop and laptop computers. When you bring your computer to us, or we pick it up from you, the first thing we do is diagnose the fault and report the issue to you. From here you can decide whether you want go ahead to resolve and repair the issue.

Mac Repairs in Leeds are able to supply, install, support, and  fit a wide variety of  Apple Mac parts to damaged machines, such as LCD Displays, hard drives, graphics & video cards, casing, batteries, optical drives, power supplies, logic (mother) boards, ram, as well as many others. Our Mac engineers are highly trained in all Apple Mac operating systems form OS 9 to the very latest OS X Snow Leopard system, so you can rely on our experience to guide you towards the right fix at price that’s right for you.

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