macbook pro Repair Centre in Kandivali

The Macbook’s logic board is analogous to  “motherboard”- a Macbook pro Retina main circuit board. It contains the central processing unit, main system memory, and circuitry that controls the disk drive, keyboard, and Whether you have a Macbook pro retina or Apple Mac, three causes lead the list: heat, solder and static. Some failures results from fault in manufacturing, as with some gently-used units that fail only weeks after purchase.

Despite the prices at the Apple Store, MacBooks are remarkably durable and pretty cost effective to fix. That is, if you have given it to the right place to be fixed. There are a short list of things that typically need to be repaired and replaced which can be done at any reputed repair shop without you having to shell out a fortune on it.

  • A1278 Macbook pro Repair Service Centre @ Kandivali,
  • A1286 Macbook pro Repair Service Centre @ Kandivali,
  • A1297 Macbook Pro Repair Service Centre @ Kandivali,

MacBook Pro Repair Services Offered

We offer:

  • Macbook pro LCD screen replacement in Kandivali,
  • Macbook Pro Data Recovery and Hard drive replacement  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook Pro Replacement of hard drive cable in Kandivali,
  • Macbook Pro Fan replacement  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook Pro Replacement of damaged battery  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook pro Replacement or upgrade of memory  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook pro Repairing of logic board  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook pro Liquid spill service  in Kandivali,
  • Macbook Pro Trackpad replacement in Kandivali,
  • Macbook pro keyboard replacement in Kandivali,

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