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March 15, 2017
”[MacBook Air”] Screen Repair in ”[Chembur”]
March 15, 2017

MacBook Pro LCD Repair/Replacement in Worli

One of the questions we hear the most is, “do I have a Retina MacBook Pro or a Non-Retina MacBook Pro?” The answer is, if there is a DVD slot on the right side of your computer to put disks in, you have a Non-Retina MacBook Pro. If there is no DVD slot on your laptop, you have a Retina MacBook Pro. If for any reason you are unsure of what model you have, feel free to contact us or fill out this form and we will send you a link to exactly which service you need.

13″ MacBook Pro LCD Replacement

Does your 13 inch MacBook Pro have cracked or damaged LCD? Perhaps it took a hit from the back and now the image is distorted, but the glass seems to be fine? If the LCD is panel is the issue, the price for a new LCD panel installed in a 13 inch MacBook Pro is $195 parts and labor.

15″ MacBook Pro LCD Replacement

15 inch MacBook Pro A1286 LCD replacement. This service will be completed within 24 hours of us receiving your computer. It doesn’t matter if your MacBook Pro was closed with the earbuds sitting on the keyboard, took a shower in the backyard when the sprinklers went off, or got ran over by a bike while inside your backpack, we can fix it!

17″ MacBook Pro LCD Replacement

Apple recently discontinued the 17 inch MacBook Pro A1297, so if you are one of the few who own one, you know how important it is to keep it in tip top shape. We offer component level repair on the 17” MacBook Pro, including LCD replacement. This service falls under our fast 24 hour repair turnaround.

MacBook Pro Glass Repair

13″ MacBook Pro Glass Replacement

Having cracked glass on a 13 inch MacBook Pro is one of the more common issues we see. If the image on the screen is not distorted, but there is cracked glass over the top of the image, this is the service you need. We can replace the glass on 13 inch MacBook Pro A1278 for $175. This repair is not available for Retina MacBook Pro’s. This repair falls under our 24 hour repair turnaround.

15″ MacBook Pro Glass Replacement

Cracked glass on a 15 inch MacBook Pro can be caused by many different things. We have seen computers that have taken a hit from a ball, a flying toy, and even an angry (jealous) pecking bird. If the image on your computer is not distorted, but there is what looks like a cracked windshield between you and your computer, you need glass repair! Glass repair for a 15 inch MacBook Pro Unibody A1286 . This repair is not available for Retina MacBook Pro’s.

17″ MacBook Pro Glass Replacement

The 17 inch MacBook Pro is no longer sold by Apple, but if you are one of the few that has one, you know the screen is massive! Those extra square inches on the screen is basically an extra chance of having something hit the screen. If your computer looks like it has a cracked windshield, we can replace the Glass on your 17 inch MacBook Pro A1297 for  parts and labor

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