#]Mac Logic Board Repair/Replacement[#Juhu

Every Apple repair centre will recommend replacing your logic board if it doesn’t boot or if their simple list of troubleshooting measures doesn’t rectify the problem especially if there is liquid or water damage. Logic board replacements cost an enormous amount of money and in some cases cost more than the computer is worth. Our service is a fraction of the cost for one simple reason: instead of replacing your logic board, we repair it

  • A1278  Mac Pro Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1286  Mac Pro Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1297 Mac Pro  Repair  Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1369 Mac Air Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1370 Mac Air  Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1465 Mac  Air  Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1466 Mac Air Repair  Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1425  Mac Pro Retina Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1502  Mac Pro Retina Repair Centre in [#Juhu,
  • A1398  Mac Pro Retina Repair  Centre in [#Juhu,

Scrapping the entire logic board is a waste as the small electronic components of the logic board that typically fail, can be tested and replaced if need be. We have complex processes and have invested 000’s of dollars in equipment to provide this service. This is very detailed and intricate work and Apple service centres do not attempt, nor do they train their technicians to do this type of repair.

We are Apple logic board repair experts! Get the right answer here first, or if you just found us after you’ve been told you need a logic board or have a liquid spill / water damage, get an expert second opinion. We focus only on Apple products and know them inside and out.

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