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Macbook Repair Centre in Mumbai _$

We repair Apple devices on-site at our repairs centres at Mumbai, Juhu, Bandra, Versova ,Kurla, Powai.We provide service in all the Mumbai offer support in all India for expedited repairs and we also welcome walk-in to Our Repair Centre in Mumbai…..

We offer:-Diagnostic Service – this is where we check your Mac to find the faults and issue a quote to fix/Keyboard & Screen Replacement/Hard Drive Replacement & SSD Upgrades/Windows installation and Setup/Data Transfer and Recovery/Liquid Damage Repairs/Servicing/Logic Board Replacements

We have been involved with the diagnostic and repair service for Apple Macbook since 2006 and have seen pretty much all the issues through the years….but we solve all the issues’s.Our business was formed from a strong technical background in the Apple Macbook  repair industry…….

We are aware of our customers’ time constraints and hence we try to get their laptop problem rectified as early as possible.We strive hard to fulfil the expectations of our customers by completing the jobs entrusted to us within time at affordable rates, observing all the professional ethics and expected standards in electronics service. We are noted for the personalised attention we provide, whether it is for an individual customer or a large business firm.Come to Our Apple Macbook  Repairs/Mumbai it Service to experience ,Apple computer repair and maintenance services with a difference!

Macbook Liquid Damage :-

If you spilled liquid on your Macbook it will stop working!

Apple has put liquid contact indicator stickers that change colour as soon as they get in contact with any type of liquid, therefore there will be no denying it when the MacBook is open!
Being Apple lovers ourselves, we understand how important your MacBook is to you! Unfortunately, if you spilled liquid on it, the repair won’t be covered by the AppleCare warranty, that is common practice by every major electronic manufacturers and not just Apple (no one covers liquid damage). The good news is that you don’t have to replace the entire logic board, we can fix it, we specialise in liquid damage repair.
Hardware & Software

Please choose what best describes the symptom your MacBook is experiencing!

  • 1.Your Macbook screen is cracked due to physical damage.
  • 2.You have dead pixels on your Macbook screen.
  • 3.Your Macbook display is refreshing at a low rate.
  • 4.Your Macbook has come in contact with liquid.
  • 5.The backlight on your Macbook isn’t working.
  • 6.Your Macbook has horizontal or vertical lines running through the screen.
  • 7.Your Macbook’s screen is very dim.
  • 8.The image shakes and moves up and down on your Macbook.
  • 9.Your Macbook LCD flickers.

MotherBoard (Logic Board) issues :-

If your MacBook does not turn on or does not have any power, if it displays a black or a very dark screen! if it does not hold charge, if your wireless card does not get detected, if your video web cam does not work, if the sound does not work! We can repair the graphic card, the charging circuit, the backlight components etc… We have years of experience in the IT industry and we can tell what components failed on a Motherboard and how to fix them! No need to spend a small fortune to replace the entire Mother Board (Logic Board), we can fix it!


For Our Quick Services and Support Just Call Us  970 252 5364, 9820158012

You Can visit Our Service Stations : Office No. 4, Sukh Sagar CHS, Near Akruti Star, MIDC, Andheri East, Mumbai -400093

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