Apple -Mac Mini-Repair in-Versova

Mac Mini is an awesome device made by Apple. We are proud of offering Mac Mini repair services with excellent care. Our expert technicians repair your Apple Mac Mini in no time flat. Mac Mini problems you faced in your daily life like Mac Mini technical support, hard drive upgrade, logic board repair, Mac Mini SuperDrive replacement, hard drive data recovery etc. are the most common problems. We are always ready to facilitate you with the solution to tackle these problems professionally. Other problems as Mac Mini low brightness, video display failure, Mac Mini turn-on problem, troubleshooting, network connection disability, Mac Mini keyboard connectivity problem, command-free shutdown, kernel panics, bent ports, Mac Mini slow running, CD/DVD stuck etc. are solved skill fully by our competent technicians. Your Mac Mini problems are resolved within 24 hours once it has been handed over to us.

  • Mac mini (Early 2006) -(A1176) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Late 2006) -(A1176) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Mid 2007) -(A1176) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Early 2009) -(A1283) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Late 2009) -(A1283) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Mid 2010) -(A1347) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Mid 2011) -(A1347) Repair in Versova,
  • Mac mini (Late 2012) -(A1347) Repair in  Versova,

MacMini Logic board serves as a start up point for the device, some common faults with it are device not powering on, frequent system crashes, stripes across the screen in a horizontal or vertical manner. Mumbai provides the best diagnosis and repairs on your Mini Mac logic board card. If damaged it is replaced with (OEM) and warranty. 


The Mac Mini SSD is the memory of the device, it could however be attacked by virus, it could get jammed, it could have too many clusters inside it. All this faults would make the device rather sluggish. And be due for an upgrade Mumbai provides the best diagnosis and upgrade, Our service are prompt and exclusive. 
The MacMini Ram is the component that allows the device process data faster. The RAM however could sometimes be slow or unresponsive, this means it requires an upgrade so as to enhance system performance. At Mumbai, our technicians provides the best upgrade for your device with ( parts and warranty.


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