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April 7, 2017
MacBook {{Screen} Repair Andheri east
April 7, 2017

APPLE{Mac Pro Repair in Andheri west}

Apple MacBook Pro Common Repairs:

 Broken Screen On Mac LaptopsThis is the most common screen fault on the Mac Laptop. Damage is visible on the mac screen glass. In this case the mac screen should be replaced with the new one. The Screen Replacement is available for all MacBook Laptops, MacBook Pro Laptops and MacBook Air Laptops.

Lines On Mac Laptop Screens

This problem is also a common screen fault on Mac LAPTOP. The vertical Lines are all across the screen. In this case, the Mac screen needs to be replaced. However, the graphics chip failure may also cause this problem. We can determine the fault and repair or replace the faulty component.

  • A1278 {Mac Pro Repair Centre in Andheri West},
  • A1286 {Mac Pro Repair Centre in Andheri West},
  • A1297 {Mac Pro  Repair Centre in Andheri West},

 Mac Screens

The images on Mac Laptops are made from thousands  and even a few damaged in some area of the Mac screen can ruin the entire computing experience. The best solution in most cases is replacing the screen on MacBook Laptops, MacBook Pro Laptops and MacBook Air Laptops.

Mac Screen With Faint Image

Mac screens use backlight to improve visibility of your screen. If there is any issue with the backlight, brightness controller or inverter board the screen will be dark and extremely difficult to read. In this case if the problem is with the Mac screen itself replacing it will sort out the problem, otherwise the faulty board needs to be repaired or the broken cable need to be replaced.

Flickering Mac Screen Problem

If the Mac screen flickers on and off, it is normally due to an inverter, screen or graphics card problem. The inverter supplies power to the screen’s backlight. If your laptop screen is a solid white colour, then the problem also can be a bad cable connection between the monitor and the system board

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